Red Letter Insurance is headquartered in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, and we are licensed in seven states: Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, Utah and Texas.  We were founded by David Dickey for one simple reason: to provide a more consultative and complete insurance buying experience.  

When was the last time that your insurance agent proactively contacted you to let you know that he could offer you a lower premium, for the same or better coverage, through a different carrier?  Most likely never.  Most insurance agents are interested in two things: 1) Selling you a policy and 2) Renewing that policy annually.  

We take a more holistic and proactive approach to protecting and servicing our clients.  We believe that the relationships between an agent and his customers should be managed the same as that of a financial advisor and his clients.  Acting in a fiduciary capacity (providing the best value to the client, regardless of whether it benefits the agent) and ensuring that each client is properly covered are at the heart of our approach to taking care of our clients.

It's critically important that you know all of your options prior to buying an insurance policy to protect something as valuable and important as the roof over your children's heads.